Jul 1, 2021

The “Chinese Materials Conference 2021”exhibition will be held in Xiamen, and Dongguan Prometaltech Co., Ltd. will bring its self-produced liquid metal products to exhibit at booth E10.

"Chinese Materials Conference" is the most important series of conferences of Chinese Society for Materials Research. Launched by the materials research society of China and the host, the aim is for our country engaged in new materials science research, development and industrialization of experts, scholars, professors, scientific and technical workers, the management of the relevant government departments and leaders, entrepreneurs and related personnel to build a communication platform, communication and sharing the latest research results of materials, to promote each other, improve together, And improve the status and role of new materials in China's national economy and social development.

"Chinese Materials Conference 2021" is scheduled to be held in Xiamen, Fujian province on July 8-12, 2021. Dongguan Prometaltech Co., Ltd. will present its self-produced liquid metal products at booth E10. Leaders and colleagues from all sectors are welcome to visit and exchange at that time.