Jan 3, 2019

CCTV "Cross-strait" column interview Wintop.

In December 2018, Lin Xiaoyu, chairman of Wintop, was interviewed by CCTV's Cross-strait program. In the interview, Lin xiaoyu told about the investment experience, transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and the preferential treatment and opportunities brought by the reform and opening up policy to Taiwan businessmen.

Faced with the unknown new material industry, Lin xiaoyu Foresight has invested hundreds of millions of yuan to make use of the easy molding and good elasticity of liquid metal, improve the added value of products, and manufacture commonly used products in daily life, such as golf clubs, mobile phone cases, headset cases, glasses frames, etc., to improve the market competitiveness and penetration rate.

Lin xiaoyu believes that the government's policy of benefiting enterprises enables enterprises to reduce innovation costs and improve the speed of transformation and upgrading through research project subsidies and high-tech tax exemptions, making Wintop one of the few domestic enterprises with a complete liquid metal industrial chain.And the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area makes it more and more likely for Taiwan business enterprises to gain a place in the mainland market competition.