Amorphous Metal (AM)

Glass Metal, Bulk Metallic Glass, Liquid Metal

Normal Metal (Crystalline)

Amorphous Metal

Amorphous Metal (AM) has typical liquid-like atomic structure even after solidification, and it provides superior characteristics including mechanical, cosmetic and chemical properties. By having this atomic structure, Amorphous Metal has enough fluidity to fill the mold at relatively low temperature, to provide the great formability and productivity.

PrometalTech has achieved the best and matured technical capabilities to fully utilize the benefits of  Amorphous Metals developed over past decades. We serve several AM materials into products to meet customer’s preference ; Zr-base alloys, Cu-base alloys, etc..

Superior performance

Yield Strength – Ultra high strength with no plastic deformation

SUS 304
Ti alloy (Ti-6Al-4v)
  • SUS 304 : 100%
  • Ti alloy (Ti-6Al-4v) : 450%
  • PrometalTech : 745%

Hardness – High hardness and scratch resistance

SUS 304
Ti alloy (Ti-6Al-4v)
  • SUS 304 : 100%
  • Ti alloy (Ti-6Al-4v) : 290%
  • PrometalTech : 388%

Specific Strength – Lighter than stainless steel

SUS 304
Ti alloy (Ti-6Al-4v)
  • SUS 304 : 100%
  • Ti alloy (Ti-6Al-4v) : 815%
  • PrometalTech : 890%

Elastic Limit – High elastic strain limit, no bending issues

SUS 304
Ti alloy (Ti-6Al-4v)
  • SUS 304 : 100%
  • Ti alloy (Ti-6Al-4v) : 93%
  • PrometalTech : 286%

PrometalTech Alloy property

Properties PrometAlloy 1 (Zr-base) PrometAlloy 4 (Cu-base) Ti alloy (6AI-4V) SUS (316L)
Density (g/cm3) 6.7 6.85 4.4 8.0
Hardness (Hv) >500 >500 376 199
Young's modulus (GPa) 86.7 109 114 193
Yield Strength (MPa) 1,400 1,500 965 380

PrometalTech’s Special Features

Metallic finishes and colorings

  • Available metallic finishes : Polishing (buffing, lapping) / sand-blasting / hair-line
  • Coloring with PVD process

Blasting and polishing

Various PVD colors on polished surface

Characterization and market positioning

  • PrometalTech AM offering is a great alternative to the costly “CNC machining of SUS/Ti alloy” and provides Superior mechanical and Cosmetic performance with competitive cost by minimizing machining cost
  • Cost benefit for AM application is more outstanding when the structure gets more complicated and requires more CNC machine time in case of SUS and Ti-alloy. Earlier discussions with PrometalTech engineer for design-optimization will help cost issue better.

PrometalTech’s Core Capabilities

Design for Product and Process Optimization

Quick development cycle with extensive engineering expertise

  • Design review and optimization for material and process
  • CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) for structure analysis
  • CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) for molding design

Clean Material with Recycling

Sustain material cleanliness in every process step

  • Vacuum environment to minimize material contamination
  • Special melting facilities dedicated for recycling
  • Strict control of alloy quality (composition, contamination)

Key Process Facilities

All key processes inside to secure Delivery and Quality

  • From raw materials to finished products
  • In-house build-up of high-pressure mold casting / de-gating / CNC facilities
  • Preparation of 30 sets in 2months for high-pressure mold casting machine


Automated Processes for enhanced and stable quality

  • CNC machining process (WINTOP automation system)
  • De-gating process (high speed laser cut)
  • Post processes including grinding / lapping / polishing

Key numbers in capability and capacity of PrometalTech

Item Status Remark
Development Lead-time Design Review Within a couple of days for DFM report
Mold fabrication 2 weeks
Prototyping Within 3 weeks after confirmation of design Tens of pcs
Process Forming Process High-pressure mold Casting (vertical & horizontal) In-use
TPF (Thermo Plastic Forming) for precision components Ready at 2Q
Post process CNC, polishing, blasting, hair-line, coloring
High-pressure mold casting machine Up to 1,000 shots per day per machine. 20 sets as of current, 40 sets by end of 2016 2months for 30 sets available by customer's requirement
Product by Molding Max. size 240 mm X 300 mm
Max. area 120 mm X 120 mm
Min. thickness 0.2 mm ~ 0.6 mm (varies by shape and area)
Material Max. thickness 3 mm by GFA (glass forming ability by molding)
Usable temp Recommended below 250 °C
CNC nachining Available (recommended WINTOP MC-500)
Intellectual Properties Patents More than 80 patent applications were filed by late 2015

Highly cosmetic finishes with superior properties

PrometalTech AM alloys with

  • Superior mechanical strength
  • High elasticity
  • Cost competence with near-net shape forming
  • Chemically stable without any deterioration / corrosions
  • Highly cosmetic appearance with various colors
  • Scratch resistance with high hardness
  • No allergy issue (minimized or zero Ni content)

Mobile Phone / Device

  • Bezel, frame and case
  • SIM card tray / ejector pin
  • Camera case / protector
  • Shield / bumper casing

Tablet / Laptop

  • Bezel and frame
  • Hinge / stand
  • Structural components

Sports Applications

  • Golf face / insert
  • Sea-activity applications
  • Outdoor activity commodities

Cosmetic and Luxury

  • Watch case / component
  • Pendant / accessories
  • Metal logo

Other Applications

  • Headphone / earphone
  • Homewares
  • Eye glasses
  • Accessories

PrometalTech is ready to be your best partner

Best engineering technology for production

PrometalTech Co. LTD is working on high quality amorphous metal (AM) applications with state-of-the-art process technologies. PrometalTech developed extensive capability and installed enough capacity for high volume production to meet customer’s stringent requirements for mobile electronic devices, wearable electronics, luxury goods, sport goods, medical devices and other related industries.

The PrometalTech Team comprises seasoned experts from the fields of technical R&D and mass production. The team comes from a diverse background, e,g, US, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and mainland China, and previously worked at high-tech and mass-production enterprises such as Foxconn, HTC, Fanuc, Hyundai-Kia Motors, and Liquidmetal Technologies. Having accumulated a wealth of practices from research to overall management in the field of metallic materials, PrometalTech team can meet all the current and future needs of our clients.

Main Facilities for AM production were designed and built by in-house capabilities to secure the best quality and timely delivery for customers. The facilities include dedicated and specially developed high-pressure mold casting machines, CNC machines, 3D laser cutting machines. Also included in the facilities are specially designed high vacuum alloying facilities to provide utmost purity and to enable high cosmetic quality of AM products.

From alloying of raw materials to final finishing of products, PrometalTech has built all processes in-house. We are ready and confident to provide the best metal solutions to meet your stringent requirements and enable your next innovative products.

Corporate Mission : Deliver new and great materials to daily life

  • Sphere : Earth and humankind
  • Color Red : Fire from heaven, enthusiasm
  • White at 23.5` Top : Light on earth, brightness
  • PrometalTech = Prometheus + Metal + Technology

Company History


~ CurrentOn-going proto-typing and developments with major customers for various AM applications
2015. 08Acquisition of ISO 9001:2008 Certificate (Research & development and production of amorphous metal)
2015. 07Supply agreement with IG / MAPtech for iPhone6/6S bumper case
2015. 06Construction of mass-production plant at Dongguan Eco-Industrial Park


2014. 12Establishment of PrometalTech Co., LTD.
2014. 10Construction of Proto-center with related prototyping processes (from alloying to post process)
2014. 08Successful in-house development of production facilities (molding / laser-cutting, etc.)
2014. 02Started R&D project with WINTOP (Parent Company) for AM production business

Technologies to meet customer’s requirements

Anita Lin

Anita Lin


- Founder of WINTOP Industrial Technology
- Co-founder of PrometalTech

WINTOP is the parent company of PrometalTech, and supply more than five thousand CNC machines annually, mainly to largest EMS companies including Foxconn, BYD, Jabil, etc. WINTOP has been searching for new technologies to meet product requirements that demand high performance metal products with high cosmetic finishes. In this respect, AM is the best emerging technology to provide the most value to customers in conjunction with durable WINTOP’s CNC for AM machining.

Harold Lee

Harold Lee

CEO & General Manager

- Co-founder of PrometalTech
- Most experienced AM engineer with careers of

▫ Director at HTC for metal parts development
▫ Head of AM division at Foxconn
▫ Head of Technical Center at Liquidmetal Technology Korea
▫ Assistant manager at Hyundai-Kia Motors

Dr.Atakan Peker

Dr.Atakan Peker

Chief Technology Consultant

Co-inventor of leading Liquidmetal alloys with pioneering career of AM applications
- Business Development Executive, IBM Research & IP
- Director of Advanced Materials / Senior Scientist at Applied Sciences Laboratory of Washington State University
- VP-Technology of Liquidmetal Technologies, Inc.
- More than 35 patents covering alloys, processing and applications of AM.

Wilson Lin

Wilson Lin


- Board of PrometalTech
- CFO and Board Secretary of WINTOP

AM production requires significant investment to have proper and right processes from alloying to final finishing, and this has been one of the main difficulties for the successful realization to most of companies playing in this industry. WINTOP will support to get every resource to make it happen, efficiently. Bring your innovation and creativity.

Alex Kwong

Alex Kwong


- VP and Technical Director of Wintop
- 31 patents and copyrights issued covering EDM operation software, detecting technology, CNC control and machinery

Prof. ZD Yang

Prof. ZD Yang

Consultant - QC and Operation

- Expert of ISO9000 system : planning, training and operation
- Academic awards from Shaanxi heavy machinery association
- Expert of Guangdong mold industry association
- Distinguished professor and head of mold design & manufacturing of Ningbo Institute of Technology

Product Design guide and MSDS are available on Confidentiality Agreement.

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