Nov 16, 2017

Lamborghini's liquid metal mobile phone ALPHA·ONE was launched in Kunshan.

Following the mass production of HANMAC BON7 mobile phone liquid metal components by Dongguan Prometaltech Co., LTD., another high-end mobile phone using Prometaltech Liquid metal components has been released in China!Tonino Lamborghini's ALPHA ONE phone was launched in Kunshan on Nov. 7.ALPHA·ONE mobile phone is built by Italian brand tonilo Lamborghini Group. It combines top craftsmanship and processing technology, high-quality materials and technology to create an excellent and refined new product. It is also a high-end smartphone sold in limited quantities worldwide.It has already been launched and sold in Russia, South Korea, the U.K., and the United Arab Emirates for $2,450, excluding VAT.

ALPHA·ONE comes with a handmade Black leather back in Italy and a liquid metal exterior that is stronger than titanium.ALPHA·ONE's exterior components, including the side bar, rear cover trim, camera trim, volume button, rear cover Logo trim and SIM card pin, are made of the high-strength, corrosion-resistant, scratchproof and non-deformable "Prometaltech Liquid Metal".From the perspective of ALPHA·ONE mobile phone color collocation, the appearance of vacuum ion coating process to get high-grade rose gold and Italian leather black collocation fully show the luxurious texture of the mobile phone.At the same time, the Logo on the back cover of the phone is laser-engraved on liquid metal "Tonino Lamborghini ALPHA·ONE" brand Logo, which makes the machine full of design sense.

Using vacuum die-casting and automated surface treatment technology, The Prometaltech liquid metal facture process provides ALPHA·ONE with a luxurious and unique look.At the same time, the perfect combination of mechanical properties can provide full protection from drops and shocks, greatly improving the ALPHA·ONE phone's service life and appearance durability.

Many people are unfamiliar with liquid metal. What is so special about liquid metal that high-end luxury brands in the industry are rushing to adopt it?Let's understand it from the following aspects:

First, understand that liquid metals, also known in industry and academia as metallic glass, amorphous alloys, are essentially alloys (a mixture of different pure metals).A liquid metal is a metal that, when solid, has an amorphous atomic structure similar to that of a liquid. It offers superior characteristics including mechanical, physical, and chemical properties.By retaining the liquid-like atomic structure during solidification, the liquid metal exhibits sufficient fluidity at relatively low temperatures to fill the mold details while providing excellent formability and productivity.

Prometaltech has successfully developed the best and most mature technical capabilities to take full advantage of the advantages of liquid metals.The advantages of Prometaltech Liquid metal are high strength, high hardness, high elasticity (no deformation), high chemical stability (no degradation), a luxurious metallic texture similar to stainless steel and can be used in different colors and no allergies (minimal or no nickel).

Secondly, the liquid metal process is made by vacuum die-casting net molding, which can effectively reduce the demand for CNC post-processing. Compared with the traditional CNC machining and manufacturing of mobile phone frame parts and other accessories, it has more advantages in cost.

In addition, the appearance of the effect of super metal texture, rich color (like stainless steel PVD, do a variety of colors), a variety of surface treatment used alternately (polishing, sandblasting, drawing, etc.).

Combined with the above points, it is not difficult to understand why high-end enterprises choose liquid metal.At the same time, the high - grade appearance parts produced by Prometaltech also set the benchmark for the liquid metal industry.Prometaltech is dedicated to the application of high quality liquid metals with advanced technology.A large amount of capacity and equipment has been developed to meet customers' stringent requirements for mobile electronic devices, wearable electronic products, luxury goods, sporting goods, medical devices and other related industries.The company team is composed of experts with rich experience in r&d and mass production.With a diverse background of team members from USA, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China, and a wealth of experience in the liquid metals industry from r&d to total management, the Prometaltech team is able to meet all of our customers' current and future needs.

The main equipment used for liquid metal production is independently developed and manufactured to ensure the best quality and delivery time for customers.Including specially designed special molding machine, CNC machine tool, 3D laser cutting machine.Specially designed high vacuum alloy smelting equipment is also included to provide maximum purity and high appearance quality liquid metal products.

From the alloy melting of raw materials to the final surface treatment of products, Prometaltech has established a full process production line within the company. We can provide the best liquid metal solutions and realize the next innovative product. The development of the liquid metal industry is worth looking forward to!